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co.za Domain Registration, Renewal and free transfer

  1. Check co.za domain name availability for registration @ http://co.za/whois.shtml
  2. If domain co.za name is available copy name and paste in notes when you check out.
  3. Remember to add a web-hosting package.

Transfer of existing co.za domain is free.

At Magicwebdesigns we make co.za domain registration and free transfer easy and in expensive.

Go to documents and download debit order form, fill in and send it to domains@magicwebdesigns.co.za 

We will do the rest.

za  the Internet country code top-level co.za domain for South Africa. A country code extension, like .za, helps identify your geography, and helps localise your operation for potential customers in South Africa. The za domain has adopted the DNSSEC protocol helping you protect the integrity of your website also protecting the privacy of your users. First impressions count. Unique e mail addresses that is specific to your business is easier for customers to remember and more professional.

co.za free transfer R75.00 for renewal or registration

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