This Magic Online Website Builder is separate from our robust Hosting options combined this is the 1st step to your business success.


Here are some key points about MagicWebDesigns and its offerings:

  1. Website Builder and Hosting:
    • MagicWebDesigns provides an affordable alternative to major brand website builders.
    • Their website builder is responsive and mobile-friendly.
    • Hosting options are robust, including unlimited bandwidth across all Kwikwap options.
  2. Pricing:
    • Starter plans begin at R99 per month (or approximately $8), while SME plans start at R199 per month (or approximately $15).
    • The SME plan offers unlimited bandwidth and storage.
    • Design fee R3500 once off (or approximately $186)
  3. Features and Modules:
    • MagicWebDesigns offers a range of features and modules, including:
      • Bulk mailing system.
      • Data collection through online forms and surveys.
      • Interacting with customers via newsletters, blogs, announcements, and more.
      • Mobile-friendly website design.
      • Self-management of the website.
      • Various media publishing (videos, documents, brochures, etc.).
      • Online shop capabilities.
      • Industry-specific modules (restaurants, estate consultants, schools, etc.).
      • Advertising opportunities.
      • Search engine visibility and analytics.
  4. System Modules / Add-ons:
    • Events Calendar: Easily add events to your website.
    • Announcements: Display important announcements prominently.
    • Specials & Promotions: Advertise deals and attract potential customers.
    • Newsletters / Blog: Keep stakeholders informed and improve search engine rankings.
    • Photo Gallery: Organize and showcase photographs.
    • Documents & Brochures: Share downloadable documents.
    • Survey / Forms: Collect data from clients.
    • And more specialized modules.
  5. 3rd Level Products:
    • Allows for sub-grouping of products and services.
    • Example: Main Category (Fruit) > Sub-category (Summer Fruit) > Product level (Banana).
  6. Estate Agent Module:
    • Enables adding properties with pictures to the website.
    • SMS functionality for property listings.
  7. Additional Features:
    • Forum revamp with categorized content.
    • Recruitment module for job listings.
    • Loan application form.
    • Appointment booking form.
    • And more specialized modules.

Remember that MagicWebDesigns is not limited to South Africa and can be used internationally. If you have any specific questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask! ????

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