IPvanish or Unlocator must be activated before opening NETFLIX.


Choose one of the following:

1.IPVanish    IPvanish Server in South Africa. Our Prefered Choice.



IPVanish is the only true tier-1 VPN service in the world with a server in South Africa. This means we deliver the best VPN speeds in South Africa, the most secure connections and the most competitive pricing anywhere. Our VPN network spans 14,000+ IPs on 140+ servers in 61 countries, giving you the ability to surf anonymously and access blocked websites from every corner of the globe.

Why Do I Need IPVanish? VPN server in South Africa
Watch Netflix, Hulu TV, sports and news from South Africa.

IPVanish provides a secure environment in South Africa for everyday web use. Once you establish a VPN connection all of your online data (emails, instant messages, and data transfers, online banking) pass through our encrypted tunnel. IPVanish VPN IPVanish VPN is the fastest, most secure and most reliable VPN service in the world. With over 15 years of network management, IP services and content delivery experience, IPVanish has the infrastructure and know-how to deliver truly world-class VPN service. IPVanish VPN customers worldwide enjoy unmatched VPN speed, point-to-point connection security and VPN network reliability at the lowest price in the industry.

Supported Devices:

IPVanish Features:

  • Unblock websites and bypass geo-restrictions
  • Access the web anonymously with secure IP's from around the world
  • Fastest VPN service in the world
  • Unlimited monthly VPN use
  • Unlimited VPN server switching
  • 14,000 + anonymous IP addresses
  • Free, award-winning VPN software
  • Free iOS and Android apps
  • 2 connections allowed to secure multiple devices simultaneously
  • 24x7 expert customer support
  • 7-day money back guarantee

What is VPN? 
A VPN, or virtual private network, is an Internet privacy service that allows you to surf the public Internet anonymously by encrypting all of your traffic at the IP level.

VPN services like IPVanish.com are used by individuals and business around the world as a trusted means of anonymous Internet access. 

Why do you need a VPN
Anti-virus software and firewalls may protect the information on your computer, but a VPN is invaluable for protecting your information and data while online. Your IP address leaves a trace of every website you visit and reveals information about past websites you've visited, your ISP and even your location. By using an anonymous IP address from IPVanish (also with the ability to change this IP address on-demand whenever or wherever you are), your online identity is 100% anonymous AND you have the ability to access content that may be blocked in various regions/countries.

Watch 100,000's of Movies and TV shows anytime, anywhere!

Step 1
Make sure you are using a fast Internet ADSL UNCAPPED account - 4Mbps minimum! Your data usage will be 2-6 Gigs a day.
Check your Telkom Account - it should display DSL FASTEST else request Telkom to convert FAST or FASTER to DSL FASTEST.
ADSL 4Mb Uncapped account available from www.officesolution.co.za at R 289 p/m - our recommended ISP!

Step 2
Activate IPVanish (VPN) or UNLOCATOR (Smart DNS) - see below.

Step 3
Open Netflix.com (If USA is selected in Step 2 above) or Netflix.co.uk (If UK is selected in Step 2 above).
The UK connection is faster to South Africa and it will deliver a higher quality picture. 
Netflix UK offers more British comedies and TV series but Netflix USA has added functionality like creating your own "My List" to watch later.

Click here to signup: From $10.00 per month to $ 77.99 per year!
Install the application on your computer (Windows or Mac).
Select "Country" from the drop-down list (from fastest to unavailable) - select United States (any available city) Click CONNECT
One connected - go to http://www.netflix.com
Click here for more information on IPVanish... 

Open Netflix on your computer.
Connect your computer to your TV with a HDMI cable if available.

Optional: Select UK from the drop-down list to open and view http://netflix.co.uk.

Bypass Website Blocks Hide your location in South Africa and use the streaming services you want. It’s Simple. Every device connected to the Internet is using a so-called DNS. You are in fact using one right now to view this page. By using our DNS on your device you can remove the geographical restrictions from the big streaming services. Create a free Unlocator account, and follow the easy setup guide for your device and say goodbye to geographical restrictions.

The advantage of UNLOCATOR is that you configure your SMART TV with UNLOCATOR and you watch Netflix directly without using a computer. 
Alternatively you can watch Netflix via your Gaming Console (PlayStation, Xbox or Wii). 
Click for more info.

The region of your SMART TV must be changed from South Africa to the USA for the Netflix application to appear on your smart hub. 
Click here for more information. (The Netflix app must be on your device - TV or Gaming console)

Click here to signup: Free 7 day Trial - From $4.95 per month to $ 49.95 per year! 

1. Change the DNS server in the network settings of your SMART TV to
2. Install an IPHONE or ANDROID app to update UNLOCATOR automatically - 
click here...

Open Netflix!
Any problems - login to http://unlocator.com

Optional: Login to https://unlocator.com - select REGION SETTINGS tab on top - change Netflix region to UK for Netflix UK.


Click on (JOIN FREE FREE FOR A MONTH) Choose your Plan,Type your Email address and Password, Click Regis to Continue, Choose payment option.
Select "1 screen - First month free. Thereafter $7.99 p/m"
Type in your Credit Card details. Type in any valid US Zip Code! 33155 For Miami (For more see http://bit.ly/1tQsiIG) Click on (START MEMBERSHIP).

Please Note:
IPvanish or Unlocator must be activated before opening NETFLIX.

Click here for more information on IPVanish

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